Tens of thousands of dedicated and well trained volunteer leaders serve across the United States and around the world by bringing in-depth Community Bible Study classes to their communities each week. Without these dedicated servants, there is no ministry named Community Bible Study. Each ministry of CBS is led by a national leadership team of volunteer leaders who have been called and equipped by God.

A small cadre of only a few dozen paid staff serve all of these leaders in areas such as training, information technology, finance, publishing, logistics and communications. The majority of the staff serve at the CBS Ministry Service Center (MSC) located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our mission at the MSC is not to be the “headquarters” of CBS, but to bring our best ideas and efforts to bear to ensure that our volunteer leaders have the resources they need to be successful.

It is our privilege to minister in the name of Jesus. Whenever we have an open position, we are happy to discuss your passion for ministry and whether there might be an opportunity to minister together at Community Bible Study.

Community Bible Study is an equal opportunity employer and makes employment decisions in accordance with applicable federal and state employment laws and regulations. All positions require a personal commitment to Christ, evidenced by personal testimony and identification with a local church.